Modern toilets force us to sit, which according to medical science, is actually unnatural and harmful for the human body. Below we discuss 4 ways in which toilets are harming your health.


The design of the modern toilet doesn’t correlate with the way our bodies should be positioned for a proper bowel movement. The human body is naturally designed to squat while defecating, with knees at a higher level than the hips, so that the colon is properly aligned.

These four medical conditions are the result of sitting, rather than squatting, on the toilet.

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1. Hemorrhoids

A hemorrhoid is a group of swollen veins at the lowest point of the rectum. They cause burning, itching, and bleeding after passing a bowel movement. Hemorrhoids can be caused by straining for long periods of time while sitting on the toilet. The sitting position makes it more difficult for the muscles in the rectum to allow for a bowel movement. Squatting on the toilet relaxes the muscle, thus reducing strain and the likelihood of hemorrhoids.

2. Urinary Infections

Sitting with the knees at a height equal to the hips doesn’t fully empty a woman’s bladder. An infection results from bacteria entering the urinary tract. Squatting on the toilet empties the bladder completely and reduces the possibility of a UTI.

Colon health is directly related to the body’s ability to properly produce a bowel movements. Learning the correct posture to pass a bowel is essential to maintaining a healthy colon.” – Dr. Kamrava

3. Constipationlipoma removal los angeles

Sitting on the toilet causes the colon to bend incorrectly, making it more difficult to eliminate feces. Squatting on the toilet with knees at a higher level straightens the colon and relaxes muscles in the rectum to make bowel movements easier to pass.

4. Colon Disease

Relieving the colon completely is crucial for maintaining a healthy colon. Constipation from sitting incorrectly causes fecal buildup in the colon. That fecal build up can lead to colon diseases, including colon cancer. Squat on the toilet to reduce the risk of build up and colon diseases.

Fortunately, inventors have created a product called the Squatty Potty which solves the problem of improper posture when defecating.  Colorectal physicians recommend using a Squatty Potty as a viable solution for proper bowel movements.