Treating colorectal conditions is a tedious task and few surgeons are as qualified and devoted as Dr. Allen Kamrava.  Dr. Kamrava is Board-certified and Fellowship trained with years of experience in colorectal and general surgery. Equipped to treat numerous colorectal conditions, Dr. Kamrava has expertise in Condyloma Fulguration, skin mole excision, temporal artery biopsy, sebaceous cysts, lipomas, and more.

With access to some of the most advanced procedures, years of experience, and devotion to his patients, Dr. Kamrava is one of Los Angele’s finest colorectal surgeon. Schedule an appointment by calling 424.279.8222.

Specialized Conditions by Dr. Kamravadr kamrava

If you are in need of a skin mole excision, are suffering from condyloma fulguration, or simply want to schedule a consultation with a top rated colorectal surgeon in Los Angeles, then Dr. Kamrava is the right choice for you.  Dr. Kamrava specializes in a variety of conditions, including the following:

Dr. Kamrava is a highly skilled physician that can help you identify and treat your condition, leading to a happier and healthier you.

Treatment Methods

Suffering from any one of these conditions can be painful or bothersome; Dr. Kamrava utilizes a diverse array of treatment methods that provide efficiency and satisfaction.

Condyloma Fulguration

Condyloma Fulguration, commonly referred to anal warts, should be looked at by a professional.  Anal warts can be transmitted through direct contact and often they represent a heightened risk of developing anal cancer. Often topical medication can treat warts; however, surgery is sometimes required to remove the anal wart.

Skin Mole Excision

Moles can develop at any age throughout a lifespan.  Moles vary in seriousness. Some moles are simply a darker area on one’s skin; however moles can also represent sunspots, skin cancer, and birthmarks.  To determine what variation a mole is, medical attention is recommended.

Temporal Artery Biopsy

Temporal Arteries are blood vessels that are situated on the temple of the head. Swelling can occur in these arteries which can cause painful side effects such as headaches, sharp pain, or fevers. Temporal biopsies can be done to relieve the pain and other side effects.

Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous cysts often develop on the face, back, ear, or scalp.  These cysts occur due to pores being blocked by dead skin.  In response to this blockage, the body creates a white substance to try and break through the blockage.  In order to avoid problems, people should seek medical attention and treatment.


Lipoma is simply a soft tissue growth that occurs due to fat cells growing in capsules under the skin. Lipomas are non-cancerous growths, however to determine whether it is a lipoma or not, one should consult a doctor. These growths can be removed by a doctor, but since it is not a cancerous growth it is not necessary.

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