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8 Steps To Prevent Colorectal Cancer (And Much More)

lipoma removal los angeles With approximately 100,000 new cases of colorectal cancer predicted to be diagnosed in 2017 alone, it is more important than ever to take preventative measures to ensure your well-being. Fortunately, taking a proactive approach by adopting healthy habits has been demonstrated to be an effective way of significantly lowering the risk  Continue Reading »

15 Ways To Relieve Situational Anxiety

Anxiety can be scary and difficult to deal with. Even minor experiences can bring on helplessness or feeling like you have lost control. These fifteen remedies are helpful ways to manage situational anxiety or panic attacks. 1. Meditation If you have a separate quite space to go to, make use of it for the amount  Continue Reading »

Why Bidets Are More Beneficial Than Toilet Paper

In the United States, one does not necessarily think of using a bidet after relieving themselves in the restroom. Although numerous other countries, like Japan¬†and most of Europe, use bidets regularly, Americans seem to have made using toilet paper the norm. Overall, bidets promote better personal hygiene in addition to less household waste. Dry toilet  Continue Reading »

The Healing Powers of Music

Did you know that music was used as a tool by shamanic healers to treat illnesses? Music has immense healing powers.¬† Different harmonies and rhythms can stir the subconscious and heal us – mentally, emotionally, and physically. From shamans to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, the healing effects of music have been utilized throughout history. Now  Continue Reading »

Top Oils That Are Good and Bad for Your Health

Consuming low amounts of fat can actually be harming your health. Bodies need healthy fats to boost energy, protect organs, support cell growth, and keep the body warm. Because all oils are not a good source of healthy fats, we have listed the best and worst oils to consume and avoid. Oils That Provide Health  Continue Reading »