Dr. Allen Kamrava is a top rated colorectal surgeons based in Los Angeles, where he offers progressive and state of the art medical facilities for his patients. Our medical facilities provide an approachable and convenient location in the beautiful heart of Beverly Hills.  In order to schedule a appointment with Dr. Kamrava do not hesitate to call 424.279.8222.

Advanced Colorectal Facility

Our contemporary facility offers an array of innovative and cutting-edge treatments for patients.  Whether a patient is here for a skin mole excision, a temporal artery biopsy, or a routine consultation, patients are treated with respect, compassion, and care in our welcoming and warm facilities.

Treatments offered at our facility include:

  • Condyloma Fulguration
  • Skin Mole Excision
  • Temporal Artery Biopsy
  • Sebaceous Cysts
  • Lipomas
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LA Peer Health Systems

Dr. Kamrava conducts surgeries at LA Peer Health Systems on top of operating his own private practice.  LA Peer Health Systems is located in Beverly Hills and is an excellent outpatient surgery center.  Seeing as LA Peer is an outpatient facility, they eliminate the risk of patients contracting illnesses like a typical hospital would hold.

LA Peer offers Dr. Kamrava some of the most advanced technology and the most comfortable setting in the world. Recently, LA Peer went through a multi-million dollar renovation that created a more sustainable and green facility.  This facility is staffed with 50 of the nation’s top rated surgeons.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

This facility is a non-profit hospital that is located in the center of Beverly Hills.  Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is staffed by 2,000 plus physicians with every specialty field covered.  The safe environment ensures that the patients are well taken care of and are given some of the most advanced and best treatment options.

The US News & World Report in 2013 said that Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was the thirteenth best hospital in the country.  As one of the top medical centers, Cedars-Sinai provides exceptional care, top tier facilities, and a state of the art technology.

Olympia Medical Center    

Olympia Medical Center staffs over 600 physicians, with over 40 specialties.  This center is physician-owned in Los Angeles and provides top tier medical care for both outpatients and in house patients.

Prime Surgical Center of Encino

On top of the above facilities, Dr. Kamrava is accepting consultations and appointments at Prime Surgical Center of Encino.  Visit the facilities at 5353 Balboa Blvd, Suite 110; Encino, CA 91316 or schedule an appointment by calling 424.279.8222.

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Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Kamrava if you are contemplating colorectal surgery in the Los Angeles area.  Dr. Kamrava utilizes advance technology and a state of the art facility to offer his patients the best care he can.  Call 424.279.8222. or schedule an appointment online!