About Anal Warts Treatment Los Angeles:

Finding out that you have anal warts can raise many questions. If you believe you have anal warts it is recommended that you visit a colorectal surgeon to get all of your questions answered. Dr. Kamrava is a top provider of anal warts treatment Los Angeles, and can answer all of your questions regarding anal warts. He can also advise you as to the best course of action to take to treat anal warts.Anal Warts Treatment Los Angeles

Facts about Anal Warts:

Contracting HPV (human papiloma virus) may cause warts to grow in around the anus (the lower part of the intestinal tract). The warts may start off as small bumps, but then may increase in size over time. They can be transmitted from person to person through direct physical contact. People who have experienced anal warts are at a higher risk of developing anal cancer in the future, as HPV is linked to cancer.

Diagnosing and Treating Anal Warts:

Anal warts are typically asymptomatic or can potentially resemble other conditions. Thus, it is important to consult a colorectal surgeon like Dr. Kamrava, so the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis. The doctor can perform a routine examination to determine if anal warts are present. Once a proper diagnosis has been made, a treatment plan can be determined. Generally, a topical medication can effectively treat anal warts. In such instances, Dr. Kamrava will repeat the application of the topical medication over the course of several weeks to ensure that the anal warts are diminishing. If anal warts are found inside anal cavity, surgery that removes the warts may be required.

If you think you may have anal warts and want to schedule a consultation, or if you have additional questions regarding anal warts, please contact board certified colorectal surgeon, Dr. Kamrava. You can reach our offices directly at 424.279.8222.