Home remedies and over-the-counter treatments may be your first go-to for treating your hemorrhoids. These may work for a brief period of time, but hemorrhoid symptoms can continually resurface.

Chronic hemorrhoid issues typically require specialized treatment. Dr. Kamrava is a leading hemorrhoid treatment doctor. He is happy to answer any questions you may have about hemorrhoids and their symptoms. He will address your situation individually and prescribe an accurate and specific treatment that will quickly improve your quality of life.

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What are Hemorrhoids?hemorrhoids los angeles colorectal surgeon

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins located in the anus or rectum. In time, the veins can become irritated and cause physical symptoms including itching, pain and bleeding. Treatment can vary depending on whether the hemorrhoids are internal or external.


Types of Hemorrhoids

  • Internal hemorrhoids develop from within the rectum. Internal hemorrhoids are typically enclosed in a coating called mucosa that is not sensitive to touch. This may cause people to misattribute hemorrhoid symptoms.
  • External hemorrhoids are much easier to diagnose since they are noticeable on the exterior of the anus. They can cause the anus to become raw and itchy as the swollen veins fill with blood.

What causes Hemorrhoids?

The cause of hemorrhoids can vary and may have several different basis, but some common explanations include obesity, repeatedly sitting for long periods of time, straining during bowel movements, constipation and diseases that affect the liver. Hemorrhoids are more likely to appear with aging because the supporting tissues of the veins in the rectum weaken and stretch.

Diagnosis and Treatment

A simple rectal exam is used to inspect the anal canal for any irregularities. There is a minimally invasive alternative treatment for hemorrhoids that causes them to fall off during a bowel movement after the blood supply has been cut off.

Surgery can be an option if the hemorrhoids are persistent and unresponsive to other treatments. The exact type of surgery depends on your individual situation and condition. Dr. Kamrava will be able to accurately recommend which procedure is most appropriate for you.

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