About Lipoma Removal Los Angeles:

Lipomas are not viewed as an urgent medical condition, however, people often wonder about what options are best for treating Lipoma. Lipoma Removal Los Angeles specialist, Dr. Kamrava is a board certified surgeon who can assist in determining the growth that you are experiencing. If it is found that you have Lipoma, which is benign, Dr. Kamrava will give you detailed information so that you are properly informed about your case. More about Lipoma Removal Los Angeles:Lipoma Removal Los Angeles

What is Lipoma?

Lipoma is the most common type of soft tissue growth that is non-cancerous. Lipoma is the result of fat cells growing in a fibrous capsule just under the skin. Because Lipomas are not cancerous, patients with Lipoma should not be overly concerned. If you suspect that you have Lipoma, you should confirm with a doctor to be sure.

  • Lipoma is largely a hereditary trait, thus there is really no way to prevent it.
  • The likelihood of developing Lipoma increases with age.
  • Minor injuries or skin impact can exacerbate the growth.

How Do I Check for Lipoma

Checking for Lipomas with Dr. Kamrava is a fairly easy process. It typically can be assessed with a simple visual evaluation. However, it is important to see a Lipoma specialist to get thoroughly evaluated. If the classification is not straight forward, follow-up tests may be required. However, generally, Lipoma identification does not require any further evaluation. Lipoma Removal Los Angeles is an efficient procedure.

Should I have my Lipoma Removed?

Since Lipoma is not cancerous, it is not necessary to remove the growth. However, a doctor may choose to remove it to make sure it is not cancerous. If the growth becomes uncomfortable or bothersome, it may be wise to remove it. Common reasons people to have it removed are pain, discomfort, tenderness, inflammation, infection, or foul odor. Although these symptoms are not necessarily hazardous to one’s help, they can be a direct source of discomfort.