About Mole Removal Los Angeles:

According to Mole Removal Los Angeles specialists, Moles can develop at any time during a person’s life span. They can be present at birth or form at any point after birth. They can be removed in a child’s infancy or they can be removed during adulthood. Dr Kamrava is a specialist in Mole Removal Los Angeles. Dr Kamrava can help you determine if it is a birthmark or a mole and can help advise you in the best course of action to take.Mole Removal Los Angeles

Examination by a medical practitioner is key to obtaining a proper diagnosis.

It is important to understand what a mole is. There are several variations of moles. A mole can refer to a dark spot on the skin or it can also refer to sunspots, birthmarks, or skin cancer.

There are several indicators that can reveal to a physician if a mole is cancerous.

These have become known as the ABCDs of the mole.

  • A refers to asymmetry.
  • B ­refers to border irregularity.
  • C refers to color variegation, or different colored zones of the mole.
  • D refers to diameter, being larger than a pencil eraser.

If any one of these criteria describes your mole, you should have it checked by a physician immediately.

A mole can removed in various ways:

Removal of the mole has a lot to do with where the mole is located, what kind of mole is present, whether the mole may be cancerous, and the aesthetic result that the client is seeking. Much of the deliberation over the removal also has to do with the location of the mole. A mole can be situated in the epidermis or it can be located deeper in the dermis or the subcutaneous tissue.

  • Dr. Kamrava will thoroughly review a patient’s cosmetic and medical needs and compile a list of the possible options to achieve maximum results.
  • Dr. Kamrava will present all possible options and will consult with the client to determine the optimal course of action that will encompass both cosmetic and medical needs.