Hemorrhoids are extremely common but are rarely talked about. For this reason, many adults aren’t properly educated about the symptoms of or treatments for hemorrhoids. Los Angeles-based hemorrhoid specialist Dr. Allen Kamrava debunks the myths associated with hemorrhoids and their treatments.


Myth: Hemorrhoids only occur in senior adults.

Hemorrhoids are most common between the ages of 45 and 60, but that doesn’t mean no one else can develop them. Hemorrhoids are caused by straining and are usually associated with constipation. Pregnant women are also susceptible to hemorrhoids because of the pressure placed on the abdomen.

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Myth: Eating spicy food can cause hemorrhoids.

The myth that hemorrhoids are caused by spicy food begins with the idea that some individuals experience stomach discomfort after eating a spicy meal. Although eating spicy foods may cause discomfort for some individuals, developing hemorrhoids is a separate issue. If eating spicy food causes you to strain during a bowel movement, then you may be at risk of developing hemorrhoids. However, hemorrhoids are caused by the straining during a bowel movement and not by eating spicy food itself.

Myth: Exercising too often causes hemorrhoids.

A general rule of thumb is to minimize exercise while sick to let the immune system fight off the virus. Hemorrhoids are different because they aren’t caused by a virus or treated through the immune system.

Exercise is actually a great way to help your body prevent hemorrhoids. Cardiovascular exercise increases circulation in the body, which keeps your colon in a regular cycle. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, lifting heavy weights may cause your hemorrhoids to flare. Avoid heavy lifting if you have a history of developing hemorrhoids.

Myth: All hemorrhoids have to be removed with surgery.

Surgery is only used for hemorrhoids in more serious conditions. Generally, hemorrhoids are treated with over-the-counter products or with minimally invasive treatments. A hemorrhoid specialist in Los Angeles can examine the anal canal for hemorrhoids and treat them accordingly.

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