Years after initial market approval, numerous prescription drugs have been flagged for their excessively detrimental side effects. A study on 222 FDA-approved prescription drugs has revealed that 71 of them pose serious, undisclosed risks for skin reactions, liver damage, cancer, and death.

The major concern surrounding these new findings is that most side effects were not discovered during the initial FDA review, illuminating possible flaws in the process.

FDA Approval Process

Before approval, the FDA enacts a lengthy review process that requires testing the proposed drug on hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. The results are assumed to be moderately representative of how safe and effective the drug will be once released to a larger population. However, the number of safety concerns revealed in this study that were undetected by the FDA’s screening process has led many in the medical field to question the validity of the process.

Recent Pressure

hemorrhoid specialist los angeles 1The newly discovered fallibility of the FDA process may stem from the recent pressure put on the FDA by consumers to speed up their regulatory review process. This push is motivated by a desire to cut down wait time between drug invention and market introduction. Further, the FDA has faced public inquisition regarding whether they are purposefully refusing to release cures to patients. The FDA has responded to the criticism by gradually decreasing the sample size of test populations for new drugs. While this has successfully shortened the time-to-market for new drugs, the resulting failure to detect grave side effects is of great concern.

Looking to the Future

The FDA claims to be committed to post-market surveillance of newly released drugs. However, even with these strict regulations, the FDA has failed to detect newly arising safety issues. A future debate is sure to be had regarding what course of action the FDA should take: continuing to cut down market release time or ensuring that new drugs are thoroughly tested.


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