Did you know that music was used as a tool by shamanic healers to treat illnesses?

Music has immense healing powers.  Different harmonies and rhythms can stir the subconscious and heal us – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

From shamans to traditional Chinese medicine practitioners, the healing effects of music have been utilized throughout history.

Now modern science is starting to understand the healing potential of music. Scientific investigation is exhibiting its tangible results. 

A number of studies have shown that music can actively assist in treating diseases and improve health. 

  • Music can greatly improve your cognitive ability and emotional stability.  
  • Listening to music can decrease the stress hormones, this means that your body is able to respond to stress better by regulating adrenal pathways

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  • post-operative recovery – music has direct links to pain management.
  • supporting healthy weight – music increases your metabolism and improves cholesterol and total body-fat ratio.
  • exercise recovery time – studies have also shown how music and athletic performance are correlated.
  • cardiovascular health and vital energy
  • gastrointestinal health – Music can aide in digestive function and efficiency. 

Listening to music can greatly benefit your health and happiness.  Make time in your day today to relax and enjoy some music.